Tee 4 Tee by 2E

Tee 4 Tee is our way of giving back to the community, for every purchase of a t-shirt we will be giving a t-shirt to someone in need. We all at times feel a need to give back and try to have a positive impact on those around us, but sometimes life gets in the way of that and always think “next time”. Well now is that “next time.” With our Tee 4 Tee program you will be able to do help someone in need here in the USA, all while shopping for yourself or someone else.


At the end of every month we will calculate how many t-shirts were sold and we will make a t-shirt to give back to local homeless, homeless shelters, orphanages, as well as non-profit organizations. So if you order a Large shirt thru our website at the end of the month your purchase will be donating a Large t-shirt to someone in need.


So being that we are still a very small company we first will start with giving back to our local communities of San Diego and Ontario, California. Long term we hope to establish teams or find individuals who would be willing to receive our monthly donations and have the honor to hand them out in their local communities making “Tee 4 Tee” a nationwide effort.

We here at Two Evolve are all about building relationships, engaging with our communities, and finding a positive way to give back. Join us in making a difference whether big or small, it all counts. All Love and Respect!!

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